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Meet Your New Superhero: UEO
Have you heard about User Experience Optimization?

I'm Charles Hanna, owner and content creator, and I'd like to summarize my business in a nutshell.

Even though there are plenty of acronyms on the internet already, UEO (user experience optimization) is one you're going to want to become very familiar with.

You might have heard of SEO (search engine optimization) which is the science of using relevant keywords and other tricks of the trade to draw search engine traffic to your website.

But what happens when potential clients or customers walk in to your digital venue. Are they engaged? Do they care? Will they be coming back for more? Chances are, if your content is not original, relevant, excellent, and engaging, the answer is no.

That's where UEO comes in. It's the art of engaging and keeping your audience.
My mission is to create original, relevant, engaging, and excellent content for you, and I won't stop working until all four of those criterion are met. Whether you need a resume, a product review, a blog article, or an e-book, I'm here for you with three guarantees: 
I'm a native Enlgish speaker with an MA, and I personally write, edit, and oversee all projects to completion. I guarantee total satisfaction with my work, and I will provide revisions until you're satisfied. All my work is original and will pass a plagiarism checker.
I understand that the content I'm generating is for your business, and that you're trying to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry. Confidentiality is guaranteed when you partner with me to craft original content. 
The internet is the city that doesn't sleep, and I know that punctuality is key for maximizing all the opportunities in the digital marketplace. I will make every effort to deliver your project as speedily as possible.

Check out the services I offer...

Web Content and Articles

Blog Posts


Looking for SEO and UEO (user experience optimized) web content that will engage potential clients and customers? Whether it's an article for your webiste or a social media post, I'll create engaging content for your busines. 
A consistent, relative, and engaging blog is crucial for staying afloat in the search listings. Regular blog posting also draws clients back to your business, and creates new opportunities to highlight products and services.
Do you have an idea for a book, but no time to sit down and write it? Whether the genre is memoir, fantasy, history, mystery, science fiction, I've got you covered. I can work with your outline or even just your premise to create an digital bestseller. 


Product Reviews


I've got you covered, whether you're looking for a beta-reader to give feedback on your latest novel, or a word doctor to perform some serious surgery a severly damaged article  that a previous freelancer dumped on you.
I understand the game. You've got a product you're trying to sell, and reviews are what you need. I will post awesome and genuine reviews of your product, and can obtain additional reviewers for you as well.
If you're looking to mail out a quarterly report, or a weekly email with helpful tips, I can can craft that for you. E-mailed newsletters are an effective and inexpensive way to engage your entire client base at one time.

But wait! There's more...


Grant Writing

Social Media Marketing

Stop blabbing on about what you did and where for the past ten years. Let's use dynamic vocabulary and active voice to describe how you kicked butt everywhere you went, and how you're going to help your next company fly beyond the moon.
Whether you're looking to build a recreation center for the local kids, save the whales, or build a recreation center for whales, I'll write up a compelling grant that summarizes your vision and presents a convincing argument for patronage.
Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook...who can keep track of it all? I can. Let's work out a social media plan of action, and assist you with increasing the presence of your brand across several valuable channels to increase leads.




Nothing summarizes your company vision and purpose like a graphic. A graphic is the icon of your business, and you want it to look good. I'll work with you to translate your ideas into a graphic that will your business build its brand and identity. 
Let's be honest: most presentations make the audience SNORE. If you want to keep boardmembers on the edge of their seat with excitement, let's work together to create a visually appealing and informative presentation.
You need a digital footprint in today's interconnected world, and that means a website. Whether you're selling a product, service, or just broadcasting a message, I can set up a website for you to get the ball rolling on your digital path to success.